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17 May, 2005
exposed: solo exhibitions 2005

17 May-10 June, Photospace Gallery, Wellington, NZ.

Mark Beehre features with his narrative , "Where's Wally" in Room 1 with Jessica Parker's recent landscape work, "Imperfect Visions of a Quiet Land" in Room 2.

30 April, 2005
Queensland Centre for Photography exhibition of "Long Live the King"

30 April - 22 May, Brisbane, Australia.

Long Live the King is an exhibition of a selection of images from an on-going project exploring devotion to the memory of Elvis Presley, by John Savage.

30 April, 2005
Dowse Art Museum exhibition of "Long Live the King"

30 April - 7 August, 2005, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.

Long Live the King is an exhibition of a selection of images from an on-going project exploring devotion to the memory of Elvis Presley, by John Savage.

19 April, 2005
exposed: New Zealand group exhibition 2005

19 April - 13 May, Photospace Gallery, Wellington, New Zealand.

This is the 2nd annual group exhibition of exposed photography. A different take on landscape photography will be featured alongside a strong selection of documentary work from the group. Works exhibited will be by John Savage, Jane Wilcox, John Williams, Mark Beehre, Liz Brooker, Glen Howey, Jess Parker, and Alan Knowles.

1 Feb, 2005
London series of four exhibitions confirmed, "From the Colonies: New Zealand Photographers in London"

Three dealer galleries and the New Zealand Embassy in London will be hosting a series of exhibitions in January/Febuary 2006.

16 September, 2004
Frankfurt/London/Los Angeles Trip

October-November 2004

Lisa will be traveling overseas to pursue book projects and exhibitions abroad during this time.

16 September, 2004
Play/Childhood Landscapes

17 September - 11 October 2004, Photospace Gallery Courtenay Place, Wellington NZ (press release)

In Play/Childhood Landscapes, Wellington photographer Jane Wilcox explores the experiences that shape our lives through a colourful narrative at the Photospace Gallery.

Play, portrays the reality of the life of a child through the documentation of day-to-day experiences. The second series, Childhood Landscapes, recreates those half-recalled memories that we revisit as adults. Those times that return to us in little waves, half remembered, and half embellished.

1 September, 2004
The Meet Exhibition

Crispin Gallery SH1 South, Old Butter Factory, Riverlands, Blenheim, NZ

1-12 September 5:30pm-8:30pm

Exposed member, Jessica Parker, is part of an exhibition taking place in Blenheim, NZ this month. It's a mixed media/installation show featuring painting, dance, sound, photography, and film.

5 August, 2004

Blender Gallery, Sydney, Australia - 5th-24th AUGUST 2004.

Long Live the King is an exhibition of a selection of images from an on-going project exploring devotion to the memory of Elvis Presley, by John Savage.

John is returning to the states to continue exploration on this series visiting Death Week in Memphis in August. He will also be visiting some American Rodeos to continue his Cowboy series work.

22 June, 2004
John Williams exhibits work from his time at the Mary Potter Hospice. The exhibition will tour parts of NZ after leaving the Michael Fowler Center

(Description from the GRINZ newsletter)

The Mary Potter Hospice is celebrating 25 years anniversary and one of the activities to celebrate this fine institution is a photographic exhibition at the Michael Fowler Centre from Tuesday 22nd through to 28th June.

There are some great images by John Williams and Maria George-Green who have both spent considerable time at the hospice capturing images of a subject most of us would find daunting and challenging.

23 June, 2004
Group exhibition at the Blender Gallery, Sydney Australia confirmed for June 30th - July 19th, 2005

19 June, 2004
exposed: two solo exhibitions

19 June - 12 July 2004, Photospace Gallery Courtenay Place, Wellington NZ (press release)

PLEASE DO NOT FEED... by Andy Morley Hall

  • Please do not feed... by Andy Morley-Hall, is a black and white photographic exhibition combining humour with the decisive moment. Morley-Hall made around twenty-five visits to photograph the public's interaction (or not) with the animals at the zoos in England. His interest lies in photographing situations that momentarily reveal themselves amidst the mundane hustle and bustle of everyday life. This exhibition is being shown in conjunction with the New Zealand launch of his book by the same name.

Domestic Bliss: part one by John Williams

  • Domestic Bliss is John's first sojourn into exhibited colour. A black and white practitioner for years, Williams exploits those features of the house many choose to ignore. In a style he describes as "Welsh minimalism" Williams brings a small dose of cynicism to those "beige wonderlands" many of us call home.

14 May, 2004
exposed: group photographic exhibition, 14th May-15th June, Photospace Gallery, 1st Floor, 37 Courtenay Place, Wellington NZ (press release)

  • Eight photographers ranging in experience from 4 to 20 years have been bought together by Wellington based, photographic agent, Lisa Alway of Exposed. The diverse bodies of work being exhibited range from a documentary series on Elvis by John Savage and the fine art explorations of childhood play by Jane Wilcox, to images of faith and ritual by John Williams. Mark Beehre, Liz Brooker, Andy Morley-Hall, Glen Howey, and Jess Parker are also exhibiting.

April, 2004
Sydney visit leads to a solo exhibition for John Savage's Elvis Worship series at the Blender Gallery, August 5th-24th 2004.

27 March, 2004
Sydney visit, purpose of trip-researching galleries for possible exhibitions in 2005.

26 Feb, 2004
Andy Morley-Hall has a reportage article in issue 31, March 2004 of Black & White Photography magazine. It features his Do Not Feed... series.

22 Feb, 2004
Exposed confirms two exhibitions scheduled for May and June this year.

  • May 14th-June14th-Exposed Group Show
    Photospace Gallery, Wellington, NZ

  • June 18th-July 12th-Exposed Solo Shows
    Andy Morley-Hall: Do Not Feed...
    John Williams: Domestic Bliss-Part One
    Photospace Gallery, Wellington, NZ

08 Jan, 2004
Main work completed on the website.
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